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Health and Wellness

Our hearts and brains are constantly changing, and just like the muscles in our body, they can lose strength if we don’t exercise them enough. It is especially important for seniors to stay physically and mentally active on a daily basis, which is why we offer a variety of activities to help get your body and mind moving. They’re fun and enjoyable for everyone, and a great way to socialize with other residents.

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Daily Activities

Shuffleboard Tournaments -    Alternating Mondays
Bean Bag Tournaments -          Alternating Mondays
Balloon Badminton -                  Tuesday & Thursday
Roller Ball -                                 Wednesday
Soccer Circle -                            Alternating Fridays
Floor Curling -                            Alternating Fridays
Pool Noodle Exercise -              Tuesday, Thursday,
                                                    Saturday & Sundays
Dice Game -                                Sundays
Card Games -                             Afternoons
Bingo -                                        Afternoons
Board Games -                           Afternoons
Bible Study -                               Fridays
Crafts -                                       Once a month
Reader's Build Community -     Twice a month
Old Time Music -                        Twice a month

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